5 Fool-Proof Ways to Entertain Your Dog

5 Fool-Proof Ways to Entertain Your Dog

Our dogs bring us so much love and joy, and naturally we want to return their affection, making them feel happy and keeping them entertained. You can easily increase your furry baby’s bliss by entertaining him with a combination of mental stimulation, physical exercise, loving attention, social interaction, and by providing healthy ways for him to entertain himself too.

Here are our five simple suggestions to furnish some fun:

  • Provide great mental stimulation for your furry friend by teaching him a new trick or two. Learning new tricks is fun for him and will keep him mentally sharp. You can begin with tricks that are fun and simple to learn such as play dead, high-five, and waving hello or goodbye. After he has mastered these, you can move onto more complex ones.
  • Exercise is vital for our fur babies. Of course, you could take him for the usual walk or run, but you may want to consider something new and exciting for him. Create an exciting blend of balance, jumping, climbing, crawling under, and going around different obstacles in your everyday environment. These challenging, but fun activities can be made increasingly difficult as each level is mastered.
  • Our dogs love the time and attention that we spend focused entirely on them. One fun and easy way to make him the center of your attention is by planning a photoshoot with your pet as the star model. Be creative and look for terrific backgrounds and poses, and you’ll be ready to share your adorable pictures.
  • Your dog is social by nature and will likely enjoy a great playmate or playdate. You can keep him from being lonely by providing fun companions. You may want to consider adopting or fostering a compatible furry friend, or by arranging a playdate with a neighbor or relative’s pet, or an outing to a doggy park or doggy daycare. Just make sure that they enjoy each other and play well together.
  • Let him entertain himself by doing what all dogs love to do – chew! In fact, a healthful chew can improve your dog’s quality of life in many ways. Dogs don’t easily get bored when they have a long-lasting chew. He’ll find the activity comforting and stimulating, and it can even help relieve any anxiety he may be feeling. Chewing also helps keep your furry baby’s jaws strong, his teeth healthy, and his breath fresher. For maximum chewing satisfaction consider a safe and healthful choice such as Nature Gnaws Beef Chews. Nature Gnaws’ highly-digestible beef chews are made from 100% all-natural, grass-fed, free-range beef and are oven-baked without added hormones, preservatives or chemicals and are naturally high in protein.

Pamper your pooch by giving him a safe and healthful Nature Gnaws Chews. Nature Gnaws Chews come in a variety of sizes to suite your dog’s size and chewing style. They are USDA certified and inspected to ensure quality methods and safety that are free from bacteria. There are no added fillers and all our treats are completely grain-free.

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