Our Story

We're a family run business, sourcing natural dog chews from all around the world so that all dogs can gnaw on our simple, natural and delicious chews. We appreciate your business! - Steve & Jay

Why The Brand Matters

Let’s take a look behind the scenes

We partner with local farmers, sourcing our natural products from responsible sources and help support communities around the world.

We use a very simple manufacturing process by using only fresh ingredients, cleaned with water and oven-baked to pawfection.

We use human-grade food testing to ensure our chews are free from bacterial contaminations and safe for your pup to enjoy.

We hand inspect and package every single chew. Any Chew that does not meet our size specification gets donated via our Gnaw it Forward program.

We help keep your pup occupied and entertained. Dogs of all shapes, breeds and sizes LOVE our tasty chews and will remember exactly where you store them.

We are proud of our growing family-owned company and happy to be able to support jobs in our local community. Thank you for your business!

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