Welcome to the Natural Dog Chews FAQ page! Have questions about our products? You’re barking up the right tree. It's important to note that specific answers may vary based on your dog's individual needs and any dietary restrictions they may have. Always consult your veterinarian for personalized advice regarding your dog's diet and treats.

About Our Dog Chews

Are Nature Gnaws products natural? 

You bet! We only use natural ingredients and most of our products are made of just one single ingredient or limited ingredients.

Are Natural Dog Chews suitable for all dog breeds and sizes? 

Yes, our chews cater to dogs of all breeds and sizes. Choosing the right size for your pup will ensure an enjoyable chewing experience. Always supervise to guarantee their well-being.

How often should I give my dog Nature Gnaws? 

Every pup is different which is why we always recommend consulting your vet before introducing a new treat.

Why do the chews in one bag differ in size? 

Because our products are 100% natural, their size will never be the same. Just like a snowflake.

Woof! Why do the Bully Sticks and some of the chews smell? 

That’s natural baby.  We never add any artificial casing or ingredients to mask the natural odor.  While it might not be pleasant for you, your dog’s natural instincts are sure to love it.

How do I select the ideal chew for my dog? 

Consider size, age, and chewing habits. Our product descriptions can guide you or contact our customer support for personalized recommendations. Optimize your dog's satisfaction with the perfect chew.

Are Natural Dog Chews good for puppies? 

 Absolutely! Find chews suitable for all life stages or specifically crafted for puppies, aiding teething and positive chewing habits.

Do your chews support dental health? 

Yes, chewing promotes dental well-being by reducing plaque and tartar. 

 How long do Natural Dog Chews last? 

Longevity varies; select durable options for strong chewers. Always monitor your dog and replace the chew when it becomes small enough to swallow.

Are Nature Gnaws Dog Chews environmentally friendly? 

Yes, we prioritize sustainability. Our responsibly sourced materials are upcycled byproducts, and our plastic-neutral certified packaging minimizes our environmental impact.

Return & Exchanges

Can I return the product if my dog doesn't like it? 

While hygiene prevents returns, your satisfaction matters. Contact our customer support at customerservice@naturegnaws.com for assistance.

Where can I purchase Natural Dog Chews? 

Right here on our website!  We also sell on the below channels: 

  • Walmart 
  • Chewy 
  • Amazon 
  • Petco 
  • Publix 
  • Costco 

 Help! How can I contact customer support? 

Reach out to customerservice@naturegnaws.com
We're committed to ensuring your satisfaction and dedicated to your pet's happiness!

Gnaw Box

What is the Gnaw Box, and how does it work? 

Gnaw Box is a monthly subscription that brings a curated selection of premium dog chews right to your door. Simply choose your subscription plan, and each month, your furry friend will receive a carefully selected assortment of high-qualitynatural chews.

What types of dog chews can I expect in my monthly Gnaw Box?

Your Gnaw Box will include a variety of treats, bones, and chews, each chosen for its quality, variety of textures, and flavors. It's a surprise every month to keep your dog on the hunt for something new!

 Can I customize the chews in my Gnaw Box based on my dog's preferences and dietary needs? 

Not at this moment. 

Is the Gnaw Box suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds? 

Yes, Gnaw Box is designed to cater to dogs of all sizes and breeds. Our curated selection includes chews in various sizes and textures, ensuring a delightful experience for every pup. Depending on the size of the treats you would like to receive, choose between our large or small Gnaw Box.

Can I skip a month or cancel my Gnaw Box subscription at any time? 

Of course! We understand life gets busy. Easily skip a month or cancel your subscription anytime through your online account. 

How are the chews selected for each Gnaw Box? 

Our team of dog lovers carefully curates each month's selection based on new product releases, variety of flavors, popularity, and deliciousness. Expect a diverse and exciting range in every box.

What if my dog has allergies or sensitivities? 

If you receive something in your box that your dog cannot have reach out to customerservice@naturegnaws.com and we will be happy to replace the pack with something your pup will love.

How do I manage my Gnaw Box subscription or contact customer support? 

Easy peasy! Manage your subscription effortlessly through your online account. For any questions or assistance, reach out to our dedicated customer support team at customerservice@naturegnaws.com

Is shipping included in the Gnaw Box subscription cost? 

Yes, shipping within the continental U.S. is included in the subscription cost.

We hope this answers your questions! If you have more, don't hesitate to reach out in our email: customerservice@naturegnaws.com Thank you for choosing Gnaw Box and treating your pup to a monthly box of simple natural and delicious treats and chews!