Best Things to Do with Your Dog This Summer

Best Things to Do with Your Dog This Summer

Go Out With Your Dog This Summer!

Summer is here once again. After the year we all had, you deserve to go out and enjoy the fantastic weather. For most people, summer is a time to kick back and enjoy some relaxation. It is best spent with your loved ones. But one member of the family that is often left out is the dog.  So what can you do with your dog this summer?

The amazing summer weather allows you to explore the great outdoors with your pet. Dogs make great hiking companions. Other fun activities you can do with your dog are camping, going to a picnic, hitting the beach, or taking part in a dog-friendly sport.  

With so many fun activities to choose from, you might be wondering where to begin. Since the goal is to have a good time, consider actions both you and your dog might enjoy. Finances may also come into play.

This article outlines the top 10 best things you can do with your dog this summer.

1. Enjoy the Water

Summers are great, but they can get really hot. The 2020 Summer was the hottest one so far. That record could be higher this year. Instead of blasting the AC on full blast, how about cooling down by going for a swim.

When it comes to swimming, there are so many options. It can be the beach, a local lake, a river, or a pool. Dogs enjoy playing in the water when it’s hot. If you are going to a beach, choose one that is pet-friendly. When you're with your furry friend at a location that has a lot of water and splashing occurring, it may be a good idea to purchase a waterproof dog blanket and bring it with you. This will allow the water to repel off the blanket and keep your dog (and your car) dry as much as possible.  Some places even have dedicated dog beaches where you can let them roam free. However, always monitor your pet at all times. Not all dogs are natural swimmers.

2. Go Camping

There is no better time to spend time in the woods than in the summer. So pack up your camping gear and spend some time in the wild.  It can last for a day, over a weekend, or even longer.  The beauty of camping is that there are so many options. You can rent out a cabin, pitch a tent, or hit multiple sites with an RV.

Since you will be bringing along your pet, you should do a little more research beforehand. First, you need to find a dog-friendly campsite. A national or state park nearby is a great place to start. While there, you can take walks, play games, and bond with your furry friend.  For safety, remember to pack safety gear, enough dog food, and a pickup bag. Follow the campground regulations, and you won’t have any problems.

3. Host a Pet Party

You probably have plans to attend a few parties this summer. But what about your dog? Since you can’t bring them to one of your parties, why not host a pet party for them? Thanks to the conducive weather, you will have your pick of excellent venues. It can be the park, your backyard, or the beach.

But the venue is not the only thing you will have to worry about. The guest list can make or break the party. Not all dogs get along, so choose with care. It is better to limit the guests to pets your dog already knows.

Other pets like a cat may also not be a good idea. For the festivities, you will need to stock up on dog food chew toys, and dog treats (like a 12" Large Bully Stick). Consider getting the Gnawbox from Nature Gnaws (an assortment of 100% natural dog chew treats for small or large dogs). You can get the same product from outside the U.S under different Torito brand names. But remember to accommodate special dietary requirements.

4. Go Hiking  

America has a weight problem, and that includes our pets. The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that 50 million dogs are overweight. Like in humans, excess weight can cause health complications. 

So why not take advantage of the warm weather? Hiking is a great way to start exercising after months of couch surfing. However, ensure you get all the necessary hiking gear for your dog. The American Hiking Society recommends having the following:

  • - Canine First aid kit  
  • - Restraints such as collars and leashes 
  • - Enough pet food and water 
  • - Identification tags  

5. Pack for a Picnic

Not all activities have to be physical. A picnic allows you to spend quality time with your family but in a natural setting. It also requires a lot less planning than camping. You can picnic on the beach, in a park, or even in your backyard. Whatever you choose, the location should be dog-friendly.  

To avoid any incidents, bring along tools and toys to help you restrain the animal. A leash and collar are a must. While relaxing, don’t forget about the dog’s needs: pack toys, dog food, and a doggy bag.

6. Try Dog Sports

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in sport during the summer. You could even join a competitive event and bond with your pup. Now, there are several sports activities you can consider trying. This long list includes a fly ball, dock jumping, tracking, and herding trials.

However, always consider your pup’s strengths before you grab that sign-up sheet. For instance, hounds are naturally better at tracking than other dogs. Similarly, working dogs are more athletic and will outperform other breeds.

7. Sign Up for a Training Class

Dogs are very observant creatures. They can tell your mood from non-verbal cues. Unfortunately, we are not so good at listening or observing our companions. The good news is that you can better at it with the proper training.

Obedience training classes are a great place to start. Opt for classes that train you and your dog as a package. After obedience training, you can step things up by trying out a specialty class. These are sessions that teach your dog a specific skill such as parkour, or cooperative care. You never know. Your pup might turn out to be a natural.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article gave you some great ideas for this summer. The activities covered here are merely suggestions. Ultimately, you know your dog better than anyone.  So pick an activity you know they will enjoy.  But whatever you decide to do, always ensure your dog is safe. Invest in the right gear, keep the dog hydrated,  stock up on dog food (like Nature Gnaws 100% Natural beef bully sticks, Himalayan yak cheese, beef jerky sticks, beef tripe twists dog chew treats) and know when to stop. 

 This article was made pawssible by Esther Rebecca.

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