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Can a Dog Digest a Bully Stick?

GIVE YOUR DOG a bully stick TO GNAW ON!

All Natural Dog Chews - Bully Sticks are Great for Your Dog!

Dogs love to chew. Providing your pet with an appropriate chew can provide some terrific benefits as a stress reliever, to remove plaque and calculus from his teeth and gums, and to help keep him from chewing up items such as your furniture or shoes. However, choosing the right chew is vital.

Although some people may choose rawhide chews for their furry baby, many experts now agree that these chews can present some serious hazards. Rawhides break down into pieces over time and large chunks can break off. Since rawhide is not easily digested, large chunks pose high obstruction risks.

These pieces can easily get stuck in your dog’s esophagus causing choking, or in his intestine creating a blockage requiring surgery to remove it. In addition, these difficult to digest treats can last for months in your pet’s stomach, causing him gastrointestinal issues. If your dog is a strong chewer or is given an inappropriately sized rawhide chew, he could be at even greater risk. To avoid these risks, choose a safer, healthier, and more easily digestible chew such as Bully Sticks. Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks are an all-natural dog chew choice that is not only safer, but offers a variety of health benefits.

In fact, our Bully Sticks are free from any additives, preservatives or artificial chemicals and are made from only one single ingredient, 100% natural grass-fed, free-range beef pizzle. These chews are not only easy to digest, but are high in protein, and are a complete source of amino acids, which is great for a dog’s skin, coat, brain and muscles.  Long-lasting, flavor-filled Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses, for small breeds or light chewers to large dogs and aggressive chewers, and all dogs will love both their taste and texture. Our fresh, oven-baked Bully Sticks are great for puppies too, providing them all the same benefits as for adult dogs.

Bully Sticks from Nature Gnaws are USDA certified and inspected to ensure quality methods and safety, that are free from bacteria. Only the best quality, natural chew will keep your dog from being exposed to bacteria, harmful chemicals or additives. Of course, it is always important for owners to supervise their pets and to spend time getting to know their dog’s behavior. Since our Bully Sticks are good to the last inch, a helpful tip is to attach a vise grip to the end of it so the last piece of it can’t be swallowed whole.  

Make sure to give your pooch a safe and healthful Nature Gnaws Bully Stick, instead of rawhide or other products that may pose choking or blockage hazards, or that contain harmful chemicals and preservatives - because nothing is too good for our dogs. 

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