Creative Dog Costume Ideas

Creative Dog Costume Ideas

Halloween is nearly here and we’ve scared up some of the best-ever doggy costume ideas to inspire your trick-or-treating fun. Explore your creative side with some of our best (and easiest) fur baby Halloween costumes of all time.

Since many store-bought costumes can cause painful rubbing, overheating, or stress for your pet, we made our choices to avoid these potential problems. Additionally, these costumes won’t obstruct his vision or breathing, and he will be able to easily reach his food and water bowls, lie down and move freely.

Here are our top irresistibly fun costume ideas for your lovable four-legged friend:

Marvelous Mummy – This couldn’t be any simpler! Wrap a roll of gauze loosely around your cutie baby and then top it with a bit of fake blood.

Paint Your Pet - Use a pet-safe paint or non-toxic face paint along with a stencil to create an animal print, make a camouflage design, or to sketch a skeleton. Just ensure that your design is kept quick and simple to keep your furry friend relaxed and happy.

Goofy Granny – No matter what age your pup may be, all you’ll need is a shower cap or headscarf and some glasses or sunglasses. Feel free to add your own touches such as some hair rollers or some lace around his collar.
Big Baby – Put your fur baby in a buggy with a bonnet and a bib, then add a pacifier-shaped squeak toy.

Hawaiian Hula Hound – Your pet will be ready to party all evening with a grass skirt from a party store cut and tied to fit and a festive flower lei around her collar.

Winged Wonder - For dogs who are comfortable wearing a harness, it’s easy to attach bat wings, angel wings, fairy wings, or bumble bee wings that you’ve purchased or made yourself. Then simply add a halo, crown, or antennae attached to a length of elastic and slipped around his head.

    Costumes can be big fun for both you and your pet, and they allow for some adorable memories and pictures. Yet if your dog doesn’t want to wear a costume, he can still get into the spirit of the day with a Halloween bandana tied comfortably around his neck.

    Whatever you decide, make it a rewarding and fun experience by giving her plenty of love and tasty treats. For great treats with no tricks, reward your four-legged family member with Nature Gnaws natural chews and treats made from 100% natural ingredients. Naturally high in protein, our treats are easily digestible and serve as a healthy alternative to rawhide and manufactured chews.

    Have a safe and fun-filled Halloween!

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