Dogs That Love to Snuggle and Cuddle

Dogs That Love to Snuggle and Cuddle

Dogs of all breeds and mixes can be cuddly, but you may wonder why some dogs like to snuggle more than others. Of course, like their owners, every dog has their own individual personality and some are simply more affectionate than others. Yet genetics can certainly play a part, as some dogs have been bred to exhibit these traits over others.

Pet owners desire different characteristics in their dog, whether they want a watchdog, running partner, or simply an adoring bundle of lovable furriness. If a highly affectionate dog is what you want, you may want to consider these thoughts.

There are a number of reasons that dogs like to snuggle, being physically close and basking in your warmth, comfort, and affection. Dogs like to snuggle for warmth, but it's also the way they show their affection, strengthen bonds, and relieve their stress, similar to infants with their mothers.

Some breeds have been bred to be small enough to be held on a lap, and with the temperament to enjoy it. These include many miniatures such as Greyhounds, Chihuahuas, Bichon Frise, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pugs, and Maltese, among many others.

Yet, some larger breeds are gentle giants, full of affection and begging for attention. Consider Newfoundlands, Greyhounds, Labrador or Golden Retrievers, Welsh Springer Spaniels, or Mastiffs, although many other breeds love to lounge by your side.

These breeds are known to love to be wherever you are, playing with you, loving and being loved by you, so be prepared to spend lots of quality snuggle time with your dog. However, all dogs deserve our love and our care.

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