Easy Leash Training for Your Puppy

Easy Leash Training for Your Puppy

Dogs need to be trained to walk nicely on a leash. They must be taught not to pull ahead or lag behind. They naturally like to stop and smell or run excitedly ahead, but it's vital that you maintain control consistently.

Some dogs will learn faster than others, but all dogs can be trained through a combination of patience and confidence. Just remember that puppies have short attention spans so perform training for brief periods of time.

Begin your training indoors by putting a collar and leash on your puppy for brief periods of time while you play and give him treats. Your puppy should associate happy, fun things with his leash time.

Next, decide on a word or sound that you will use in order to attract your pup's attention. When he looks at you, give him a treat, repeating to ensure the response. Next, sound your cue and as he comes for the treat, back up so he follows you before giving him the reward.

Practice inside and when your puppy responds appropriately in a consistent manner, it is time to try it outdoors. Take him outside for a very brief period and if he begins to be distracted, sound your cue and move slightly away from him.

When he comes to you as he's been trained to do, be sure to reward him immediately with a treat. Continue to keep him focused and moving at your tempo by repeating as necessary before returning home. By remaining consistent and not allowing him to deviate, you will ensure that with patience and calm, he will learn to stay focused and remain at your pace.

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