Everything you need to know about Labrador Retrievers

Everything you need to know about Labrador Retrievers

Have you ever wondered which is the most popular breed of dog in the world? You may be interested to learn that the honor belongs to the Labrador Retriever. With their friendly, affectionate, enthusiastic disposition, it’s no surprise they have a multitude of adoring fans.

As their name suggests, these dogs are natural fishing and hunting retrievers, and they are especially well-suited to water. They possess a short thick nearly waterproof coat, which also makes grooming easy for their owners. Although a Labrador may be yellow, black, or chocolate colored, their coloration is the only difference between them.

Owners of Labrador Retrievers will find their dogs are highly social and that they will be up for nearly any activity. Retrieving games are always popular with a Labrador and offer an easy workout that can keep them both healthy and entertained.

Labs thrive with attention and affection, and their intelligence allows them to be easily trainable. Since a Labrador is by nature a retriever, training is vital to prevent them from chasing other animals when they are out. With their great enthusiasm and impressive size, proper training also provides safety for children and the elderly from being knocked down, while encouraging the positive attention Labradors love.

Simple commands such as stay or sit can help keep him and those around him safer, and you will likely find that your Labrador can be easily trained with a reward for his good behavior. Once he has mastered his first few commands, you'll have the confidence to know you can teach him many more.

One simple and healthful way to reward him is with a nutritious, delicious treat. Of course, you'll want to reward your dog by giving him only the best quality, natural treat. At Nature Gnaws, our chews are made from 100% grass-fed, free-range, all-natural beef, completely free of hormone injections or genetic modification, and with no added flavors or preservatives. Your Lab will love our Large Bully Sticks, Cow Ears, or the variety available in our Combo Pack for Large Dogs.

Training offers terrific opportunities for you and your Labrador to spend time together, bonding while he learns. He’ll enjoy the chance to please you and be thrilled with the reward of a Nature Gnaws treat for his success.

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