Five Ways to Keep your Dog Occupied During July 4th Fireworks

Five Ways to Keep your Dog Occupied During July 4th Fireworks

Everybody loves the Forth of July because it’s one of the most patriotic times of the year. We celebrate our Independence with parades, picnic, BBQ and who can forget the infamous Forth of July fireworks. These fireworks might be a breath-taking sight for us, but the loud noises might frighten your pup into a fit of terror and anxiety. But not to worry, we have our list of the top 5 helpful hints that will help your dog enjoy this holiday too.

  1. Provide your dog with a Safe Space

When dogs panic, they need a place to feel safe. Especially, if you’re not going to be home with your pup, make sure you close the curtains and leave some buffer noise on such as the radio or TV. This will help them drown out the noise and not be afraid of the bright light the fireworks give off. Also, if they have a favorite place to hide, make sure they have plenty of fluffy blankets or pillows nearby.

  1. Exercise your pet

Earlier in the day, make sure your dog overexerts themselves. Tucker your pup out with a long walk or run and maybe a little extra play time with their friends. By the time the fireworks will commence your pup will be tired and less likely to get overly anxious.

  1. Desensitize your dog

A couple of days before the 4th, try putting on a YouTube video of fireworks going off. That way your pup may get used to the noises and be less afraid of them. We would also suggest playing with your pup while the video is on so your dog will associate the fireworks with positive and fun activities. 

  1. Try a Tasty Treat

Give your dog something better to do than worry about what’s going on outside. A long-lasting chew will keep them occupied and satisfied during the firework display. We would suggest our longer lasting chews including our, Bully Sticks, Yak Chews or Antlers. All of these products have a firm texture that will hold up for even the most aggressive chewer. 

  1. Look into getting a Thunder Shirt or make one yourself!

A Thunder shirt is basically just an anti-anxiety blanket for dogs. It’s a little, weighted vest that feels almost like a gentle hug for your dog and it keeps them calm. You can buy them at a variety of pet stores, or you could make one at home by using a regular t-shirt. You want to make sure the t-shirt is on backwards, so your dogs’ tail should be coming out of the neck hole. As long as the shirt is snug on your dog, it should do the trick!

We hope these 5 tips will help keep your dog safe, happy and healthy this summer holiday season!

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