Four Seasons of Sports to Share with Your Dog

Four Seasons of Sports to Share with Your Dog


The options for dog sports and recreation are nearly endless and they can help keep your furry friend both physically and mentally healthy. Of course, all dogs need exercise, but some enjoy the added stimulation of high performance sports. Here are four that you can share for all kinds of weather.


Skijoring is combination of dog power and cross-country skiing that requires the cooperative athletic abilities of both the dog and the skier. Any size dog can skijor, but 35lbs or larger will be more successful, along with a high level of energy. It's a natural sport for any dog who likes to run down a trail and pull, and many will do so with no training.

The skier and the dog each wear a harness, and the two are connected by a rope. There are no reins, the dog follows only the skier's voice directions. Skijoring can allow the two of you to explore woodland trails and enjoy a fun winter adventure together.


Any dog can make a great addition to a standup paddleboard. It's fun, stimulating, and great exercise for you both, in addition to being a terrific way to beat the summer heat. Adventuresome pets may enjoy ocean waves, while others might enjoy more still water such as a lake or calm waterway. To make it easier for him to avoid slipping, non-stick matting can be added to the front of your paddleboard and a dog life preserver can ensure safety for those who are less skilled swimmers.

Spring and Fall

Doggy Parkour is an exciting blend of balance, jumping, climbing, crawling under, and going around different obstacles in your everyday environment. It can be done anywhere and is terrific exercise for both you and your dog. It's a challenging, but fun activity that combines agility and confidence, and can be made increasingly difficult as each level is mastered.

However, always check with your vet before starting any type of new sport with your dog. Many areas offer classes, groups, and competitions in these other doggy sports. Regardless of what type of sport he participates in, watch for signs of exhaustion, illness or injury and stop when in doubt. When you love your dog, you want to share time together doing stimulating activities that will keep him healthy and fit.

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