Fun and Pet-Friendly Nature Outings

Fun and Pet-Friendly Nature Outings

When it's time to plan an outside day trip, weekend getaway, or camping trip, pet owners often wonder where they can bring their dogs along. Just like us, our dogs need both mental and physical activity, and both you and your dog will enjoy the time spent together and the exercise a trip can bring.

State parks and campgrounds provide the natural solution and many are pet-friendly, allowing pets and their owner's opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors together in locations all across the country. The parks evaluate their pet suitability based on their ability to provide a quality recreational experience for everyone. Often certain areas of a park will allow pets, while other areas are prohibited, ensuring the safety and health of both campers and pets.

Some state parks provide cabin rentals where pets are welcome, off-leash play areas, and even doggy beaches. Just be sure to check the park you plan to visit for their specific current pet policies and amenities. Generally, it's required to bring a leash, collar with tags, proof of vaccination, and dogs must be quiet and well behaved. Additionally, rules or etiquette are expected to be followed such as cleaning up after your pet and properly disposing of the waste.

Our state parks are amazing places to enjoy nature, spending time walking, hiking, swimming, picnicking, or simply relaxing with your pet. Walking and hiking provide great ways to enjoy the weather and burn off some of your dog’s excess energy but to take care to keep your dog hydrated and allow regular breaks.

Additionally, pet swimming may be allowed in some parks provided that doing so doesn't create a negative impact on water quality or threaten sensitive habitats. Although a trip to the beach or lake can be a lot of fun, be sure to stay close enough to your pet that you can safely retrieve him. Of course, you'll want to pack a yummy picnic and bring along a treat for your dog too.

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