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How Long Do Bully Sticks Last?

Bully Sticks - Dogs Love Them and They're Long Lasting

Dogs absolutely love bully sticks and so do their owners, making them one of the most popular treats available today. They are a safe treat for your furry friend to chew that offer a variety of health benefits. 100% beef bully sticks are highly digestible, rich in protein, and long-lasting.

Being a longer lasting chew can offer some great benefits. Since bully sticks take a long time to break down, they can help alleviate boredom and anxiety by entertaining and distracting your furry baby, keeping him away from destructive behavior such as chewing on shoes or furniture.

Due to their firm texture, long-lasting bully sticks can also help reduce plaque buildup by gently scraping teeth and increasing saliva, which can help rinse bacteria and food particles. In fact, bully sticks can help maintain a dog’s strong muscles, healthy coat, and brain function. Of course, economically speaking, the longer they last, the less often they will need to be repurchased.

Great tasting bully sticks are offered in a wide variety of lengths, widths, and shapes. The length of time it will take for a dog to chew through a bully stick is dependent upon many factors, such as his size, breed, age, and eating habits.

Buy the Appropriate Size and Shape Bully Stick

Larger dogs with stronger jaws can break down a bully stick more quickly than a smaller or older one might. Additionally, thick, curly, or braided treats are more difficult shapes for a four-legged friend to get his jaw completely around. Therefore, these shapes will take longer to break down. Buying an appropriately sized and shaped bully stick is key and chew time can vary from hours to days.

When your dog doesn’t finish a bully stick all at once, the uneaten portion may be placed in their resealable zip top bag in the freezer to harden for use on another day. Freezer storage is a terrific method to preserve bully sticks’ shelf life and since bully sticks are all-natural, they shouldn’t be stored in the open or outside to prevent the attraction of insects. Typically, bully sticks that are properly stored can stay fresh for up to two years or more from production. Remember to choose only the best quality, natural chew to keep your furry best friend from being exposed to harmful chemicals or additives.

At Nature Gnaws, our chews are made from 100% grass-fed, all-natural beef, completely free of hormone injections or genetic modification, and with no added flavors or preservatives – because nothing is too good for our dogs.

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