How to Celebrate Your Dog On Gotcha Day or National Dog Day

How to Celebrate Your Dog On Gotcha Day or National Dog Day

How to Celebrate Your Dog On Gotcha Day or National Dog Day.

While every day is a dog day, the National Dog Day takes the gold medal as probably the best day to give your four-legged friends a day to remember. This day is a special day to give your furry pups the love and appreciation they so much deserve.

Admittedly, nothing is cuter than seeing your favorite pup in his favorite party hat doing the things he loves. He looks so adorable and cuddly you will end up showering him with big hugs and kisses. This is what loving and celebrating your canine friend is about. 

We will share with you some amazing tricks to celebrate your dog and show him the love and care he truly deserves.

1. Adopt Or Foster A Dog

If you visit a dog shelter near you, you will find thousands of dogs without homes. Sadly, many of these dogs end up being euthanized when they don't find someone to take them home. So, one of the best gifts and celebratory notes you can give a dog, especially on National Dog Day, is to adopt or foster one. 

 If you're hoping to adopt a dog someday, today is the day.

2. Spoil Your Dog

When we say spoil your dog, we mean literally. This can be anything from taking your furry friend on an extra-long walk to a visit to the beach. Even the simple things like rubbing your dog's tummy will make his day. Plus, remember to throw in a couple of praises while you're at it. 

 Take your dog to his favorite toy store and allow him to pick his best new toy or two. Your dog will love you for it. And you will see it in their eyes and mood.

3. Watch Homeward Bound Together

Do you think your dog can recognize other dogs on your TV screen? 

Some dog lovers have admitted to seeing their canines enjoy watching and playing with their friends on the other side of the screen. But whether your dog enjoys binge-watching its favorite dog movies or not, he definitely enjoys snuggling up next to you.

4. Throw A Dog Park Party

Who says friends with dogs can't throw a dog party?

 Invite your friends with dogs over for a celebratory playdate at your local dog park. Your pup will enjoy playing with his many new friends. But for extra fun, you can always tell everyone else to have dog-themed hats or any other party favors on them. These will make for some great photos.

5. Snap Funny Selfies Together

You can throw a bowtie or silly hat on your pup and snap away. There are many things to remember about this special day. So, make memories you and your pup will remember for the longest time.

You can add stickers, mustaches, speech bubbles, and more using your mobile app if your dog doesn't enjoy props. 

 Your dog might not even know you are taking its picture. But your human friends and the rest of the world will get to see your cutie. Think of snaps as a reminder of the fun day you had together for several years to come.

6. Teach Your Pup A New Trick

There's no better way to celebrate your dog than to teach him a new trick. Both young and old dogs can totally learn new tricks with little effort. Therefore, take this special day to teach your canine a new skill he will love doing. And the best part is that you don't even have to be a dog expert for this. 

You can always find several tutorials online for different ways to teach your dog new skills. Also, make sure you are modeling good behavior as you train your dog. And don’t forget to reward him with some natural chews such as the Natural Beef Jerky Chews.

7. Get Your Friend A Pupcake

Pupcakes are pastries that are made specifically for dogs. They have canine-friendly ingredients and are also quite simple to make. You can always order personalized pupcakes from your local dog bakery. 

Your pup will love his pupcake. After all, what's not to like with ingredients such as carrots, sweet potato, plain oats, banana, pumpkin, and baby food or rice. Just remember to avoid sugars. 

Some bakers will even engrave a picture or sculpture of your dog on the pupcakes to make them really special. This will make for an insane photo shoot.

8. Enroll In A Whole Dog Food Challenge

You will be amazed by how many dog challenges there are when you look hard enough. And while pet obesity is a serious issue in the United States, spoiling your dog a few times a year shouldn't be too bad. 

However, avoid giving your dog too much-processed food. 

Instead, you can have your dog salivating on Extra Thin Bully Sticks. Besides, commit to the challenge of feeding your pup only whole and healthy meals. Your pups will love the foods and grow healthy too. 

9. Go For A Swim

While dogs are generally good swimmers, not all enjoy it. Most dogs will do a few splashes in the pool or ocean, but that's it. But on this special day, you can take your canine friend to his favorite watering hole and allow them all the freedom to jump in and play around. Let them get wet and dirty just for this special day.

Besides, some pools have special dog swimming days near the summer's end that you can enroll your dog. You can check with your local recreational centers and swimming pools to see if they have these offers. 

And remember to capture every minute of it.

10. Donate To Your Local Dog Shelter

Many dog shelters share a list of items they need. These can be anything from food to dog treats to postage stamps and paper towels. Monetary donations are also always welcome. If you lack time to volunteer at your local dog shelter, you can donate funds to an animal welfare organization near you. 

Shelters are always in need of extra toys, dog food, and blankets. Any help you provide will be highly appreciated. Simply call the animal shelter, ask them what they need, and check if you have any to spare.

How Did You Celebrate Your Dog?

Every day is a dog day for the avid dog lovers out there. You don't have to wait for special days like National Dog Day to treat your pooch. Spoil, love, and appreciate him every day for the love and happiness he brings to your home.

Remember that no matter how you celebrate your dog, he will love you the same. These canine's loyalties have no bounds. Try Nature Gnaws dog chews to meet your dog's dietary needs and get him flared for this special day. Let us know how you celebrate your dog this holiday season.

 Article made pawssible by Esther Rebecca

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