How to Keep a Shiny Coat on Your Dog

How to Keep a Shiny Coat on Your Dog

The glossy fur coat on your dog is the reflection of both good health and loving care. A dull coat can be an indication of health, nutrition, care, and even emotional issues. By paying attention to your dog's coat, it can give you insight into his health and happiness, and when you invest time into caring for him, it shows him your love. Consider these four areas to maintain your pooch's shiny coat:

· The nutrition he gets from his food and the portions that you feed him are the first things to consider. Quality pet food contains the proper nutrients without preservatives or grains that may cause allergies. His diet should include sufficient protein and essential fatty acids to help strengthen and replenish his coat. You can also add salmon, tuna or sardines to his diet. Not only will he love the taste, but these kinds of fish can provide lots of healthy essential fatty acids. Although too much oil can cause diarrhea, adding a teaspoon of coconut oil at mealtime can help both his skin and fur.

· Health issues such as parasites, bacterial or fungal infections and other conditions can be reflected in his coat. The way his fur feels, looks and smells are important signs. If your dog smells anything other than fresh after bathing, it's a good idea to ask your vet about it. Bad odor can be an indication of infection, infestation or other health concerns. Additionally, dry skin, thyroid or kidney problems, and many other conditions can cause dulling so it may be important to schedule a visit for a checkup.

· Good grooming not only plays a part in your pooch's physical wellbeing, but allows you bonding time together. Regularly brushing and bathing your baby can help stimulate his skin and hair follicles, and allow you to inspect him for insects such as ticks or fleas. Make sure to use only gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and consider an oatmeal bath if he suffers from skin issues, which feel can calm itchy, irritated skin. Additionally, if you notice an unusual amount of shedding or any bald spots, it can be indicative of either physical or emotional problems and a visit to the vet can help you determine if there are any serious concerns.

Your dog's coat may show indications of normal seasonal changes, but ensure that he always has adequate shelter to protect him from extreme temperatures. Additionally, check suggested care guidelines for your dog based upon his breed or the length of his fur. By caring for your dog's health and appearance, you show him how much you love him.

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