How to Keep Your Dog Busy When Stuck Inside

How to Keep Your Dog Busy When Stuck Inside

Recently, our daily lives have been substantially altered with the current practices of social distancing and self-isolation. These changes have had an enormous impact on our lifestyles as we shelter-in-place, work from home, perform remote schooling, and restrict social encounters.

Yet, there may also be some positive effects we are witnessing, such as the opportunity to be around our closest loved ones, including our four-legged family members. However, as we try to keep some normalcy, and whether we are home or are doing essential work outside our homes, our dogs are often stuck inside. In addition to experiencing boredom, our dogs may also sense and react to our anxiety and may become anxious themselves.

Therefore, under the current conditions many people are concerned about how to keep their pet both occupied and reassured. Bored or anxious dogs can often entertain themselves in ways that can be destructive. However, with a little creativity it's easy to keep your pet occupied and happy while he’s stuck inside.

When he can’t be outside, you can still offer your furry friend a view by opening the curtains and windows so he can watch all the activity outside in your neighborhood. Ensure he has a cozy seat by his viewing area and then liven up your quiet home by turning on the TV, or alternatively, provide some soothing music to help him relax if he seems anxious.

Help him occupy his time by providing a new toy or a food puzzle to make finding his food an adventure. If he has already accumulated a good selection of toys and games, you can simply rotate them, putting some away and bringing others out to keep all of his toys new and exciting.

Perhaps most importantly, treat him to a healthy chew. The activity can keep him occupied for long periods of time and can also help relieve anxiety or frustration, and all dogs love to chew. Giving him a healthful chew will not only keep him from chewing on your clothing and household items, but it will help keep his teeth their cleanest by scouring away plaque and dirt.

Remember to choose only the best quality, natural chew to keep your furry baby from damaging or fracturing teeth, or from being exposed to harmful chemicals or additives. One great choice is Nature Gnaws’ Tripe Twists and Chips which are made from 100% all-natural, grass-fed, free-range beef. Oven-baked without added hormones, preservatives or chemicals, they are naturally high in protein, easily digestible and serve as a healthy alternative to rawhide and manufactured chews.

At Nature Gnaws, we offer a wide variety of chews made from 100% grass-fed, free-range, all-natural beef, completely free of hormone injections or genetic modification, and with no added flavors or preservatives.

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