How to Keep Your Dog Entertained While You're at Work

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained While You're at Work

Many people have long work days and are concerned about their pets when they must leave them at home alone. Bored or lonely dogs often find ways to entertain themselves in ways that can be destructive, but with a little creativity it's easy to keep your pet happy while you're away.

· Offer your pup a view. Open curtains and windows, or peek holes in your outdoor fence so he can watch the activity outside in your neighborhood. Give him a cozy seat by his viewing area and let him enjoy.

· Leave your dog something that can help him have a positive association with your departure like a new toy. Then, after he has a good selection, rotate them, putting some away and bringing others out. Doing so will keep all of his toys new and exciting, giving him something fun to enjoy each day.

· Stimulate or calm your pup with sound. If he's easily bored, turn on the TV so the sound of voices or animal sounds can liven up your quiet home. Likewise, if he is prone to anxiety, putting on some gentle, soothing music can help ease his discomfort.

· Make finding food, treats, and toys an adventure. Place small dishes of dry food in various areas around the house for her to discover, buy food puzzles, or stuff a hollow toy with natural peanut butter.

· Consider a playmate for her. Having a companion can give her a social life and keep her from being lonely. You may want to adopt another compatible pet or simply arrange play dates with an already proven furry friend. Just make certain they're vaccinated and healthy first. Many pet rescue organizations will allow a pet to be fostered before adoption to ensure a great fit.

· Ensure that he gets plenty of exercise. If possible, start your day a little earlier and exercise together by taking him for a run or brisk walk before you leave for the day. Otherwise, check out the dog walking services in your area. Many services offer screened, experienced, and bonded walkers who can be scheduled for regular visits.

· Give your furry friend healthful chews to keep him from chewing on your clothing and household items, and to keep his teeth clean. Dogs love to chew, but remember to choose only the best quality, natural chew to keep your furry friend from damaging or fracturing teeth, or from being exposed to harmful chemicals or additives.

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