How to Safely Give Your Puppy Bully Sticks

How to Safely Give Your Puppy Bully Sticks

What are Bully Sticks and Why Are They So Popular?

Bully Sticks are the single most popular dog treats for a pet owner and their new puppy. They are also known as or beefpizzle, pizzle stick, or bull pizzle. Our bully sticks are a single-ingredient natural chew that is 100% natural and is a safer alternative to rawhide chews. With Nature Gnaws bully sticks and chews, you never have to worry about artifical preservatives, colors or harmful flavors. Bully sticks are made out of bull penis and are a pure beef tendon that your dogwill love (even though we as dog parents dislike the odor and are turned off at the idea of bull penis in our dog's mouth). It's our creative way of creating a natural dog treat and making use of the animal parts that would otherwise be tossed away. In terms of size, there are small (6") bull sticks from steers all the way up to much larger bulls. When choosing the pawfect bully stick for your dog, it all depends on the size of your dog and type of chewer you have.

A lot of dog parents rave about bully sticks for their dogs and how they're a great way for anxious dogs to relieve stress and provide them with a safe and fun activity that will keep your puppy chewing for hours. Bully sticks are one of the safest dog chews for all puppies and any senior dog, just ask us, we know all about thin, medium, and large bully sticks for every sized dog. Bully sticks are a great dog chew to offer to your young or adult dog.

While these 100% beef muscle treats offer definite advantages, it's extremely important that you understand how to safely give them to your dog - especially puppies - to ensure that they are enjoying their bully sticks in a safe and responsible way. If you're offering your puppy a bully stick for the first time, here are some tips that you can use to introduce it to him so that he can enjoy a chewable treat safely while you go about your day.

Finding the Right Bully Stick

First things first, make sure that you are offering your pet a superior quality bully stick that is appropriately sized for your puppy's or dog's mouth. Nature Gnaws is a dog (and human dog owner) renowned dog treat brand that offers several natural and delicious bully stick options that are ideal for puppies and dogs of all sizes, including thin bully sticks, small bully sticks, large bully sticks, bully stick springs and braided bully stick. These bully sticks can range anywhere from 5 to 6 inches in length (for thin and small bully sticks), the perfect size for smaller breed puppies. We also offer large bully sticks that are 11-12 inches in length (for larger dogs or pups). Plus, the Nature Gnaws bully sticks are made out of 100% all-natural, grass-fed, free-range beef and contain absolutely no hormones, preservatives, or other harsh chemicals that could potentially harm your pooch.

Hello Puppy... Meet Bully Stick!

You shouldn't have any issues with your pup liking the bully stick, as most dogs just love them and will happily snatch them out of your hand and get to gnawin'. Bully sticks are a tasty treat that any dog will love. However, you do want to make sure that you only allow your dog to have the bully stick for a short period of time; no more than five to 10 minutes is recommended. The reason? - These chew treats are packed with protein, which is a vital nutrient that all dogs need and will help to foster the development of strong, healthy bones in your growing puppy; but, ingesting large quantities of protein at one time can be difficult for a puppy's still-developing digestive tract to handle, so we recommend no more than one bully stick per day for your pup, as treats should not make up more than 10% of their daily calorie intake. A bully stick is a chew treat and is not intended as dog food or a main source of your dog's diet.

All Eyes on Pup!

This is crucial! As a responsible pet parent, you want to make sure that you supervise your pet the entire time he has the bully stick in his mouth or in his paw. While these treats are safe, there is a chance that a piece could break off or he could swallow the whole thing, which can cause serious issues, such as choking or a blockage in his GI tract. Therefore, it's important that you are with your puppy and watch your dog's mouth whenever he has a bully stick in his possession. Your dog's bully stick is not intended to be swallowed in large pieces, so if you see this happen with your dog, grab the piece of bully stick to avoid any potential health risk.

And that's about it! By following these tips, you can safely introduce your puppy to a bully stick - a treat that he will be sure to love.

Simple, Natural and Delicious Bully Sticks Your Puppy Will Love

Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks are made with 1 ingredient, 100% natural, bull pizzle. That's it. (Yes, it is made from bull penis). Each chew is oven baked to pawfection and then personally inspected and packaged by our team in the USA. Bully Sticks continue to be our most popular product - providing lasting stimulation for your pup and quiet time for fur mom and dad. Not only will they keep your dog gnawin,' but the firm texture helps scrape away plaque and tartar, for cleaner teeth and a fresher breath. Bully sticks are flavorful, high in protein and easy to digest, making them an irresistible, chewable and tasty treat for both small and large dogs.

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