It’s Customer Service Appreciation Week!

It’s Customer Service Appreciation Week!


This week we pawsed to sit down with Meghan in our Customer Service department to say thank you and to ask her about her work with Dog Parents. 

1. Do you have a dog?

Delilah (3 y/o; black fox terrier/lab)

2. What’s your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a cat. They develop a balance between independence and time of togetherness, which I resonate with.

3. What's the most common question you get asked from pet parents? And what's your answer?

The most common questions are about “What’s the best/longest lasting chew for my puppy?” Variety is the spice of life! I typically recommend our Combo Packs, which includes bully sticks and other long lasting chews. The best part is, it allows the dog to choose what they like best, because it’s all about them!

4. What's the best part of your day?

If I am able to help one person while adding a little sunshine to their day, I feel accomplished

5. What's the most difficult aspect of customer service in the dog arena?

Sometimes you are not able to immediately solve a problem. When a customer becomes frustrated or upset that they have run out of chews and have a puppy gnawing on their furniture, I want to send in reinforcements. In a perfect world, I do my best to come up with a creative solution and hope that helps!

6. How do you feel that personal customer service differs from FAQ’s and automated  Chats?

I am able to be authentic and give the customer the answers they are looking for. I feel in doing that, it creates a lasting impression, which encourages the customer to return and in the end, the customer feels like they were heard

7. What's the absolute funniest or weirdest experience you’ve had?

The sweetest elderly woman called to cancel her subscription because she continued receiving bags of chews every month. She mentioned that this had been going on for about three months, but that she had not had a chance to call prior. When asked why she wanted to cancel, she said, "I'm only 85lbs and the dog was 100lbs, so I had to rehome him."

8. How many puppy pics do you get?

Not enough!

9. What do you wish more pet parents knew?

No dogs are perfect, accept them for all their quirks and just be their best friend  

10. What do you do to relax when you’re not working?

I love going to the beach or watching a documentary

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