Making Your Dog's Bath Time Better

Making Your Dog's Bath Time Better

When you have a four-legged family member, it's vital to develop a bath time routine that helps you and your pet bond. It can also be tough to keep your baby safe and comfortable while trying to get her clean. So, although a doggy bath may have conventionally consisted of a garden hose and a bucket filled with soapy water, many people now want to make a bathing area specifically for their furry family members.

It's a good idea to place this bath or shower within a garage, walk-out basement, screened patio, or mudroom, so your pet can be cleaned and dried before entering the rest of the house. An area with ceramic tile flooring is the most practical choice for dogs, as it's basically water-proof and scratch-proof.

A walk-in bath can be a good choice for big dogs and makes it easy to bathe them. However, a raised pet-washing station may be best for small pups. These designs can vary from a simple plastic molded shower tray to tiled spaces with glass doors depending on budgeting constrictions.

Hand-held shower heads can make bathing even easier, and adding a small lip around the edge can help keep water in. Additionally, a hand-held shower head can really help to protect his eyes and ears. Many dogs develop secondary ear infections from moisture getting into their ear canals, and shampoo should always be kept away from his eyes. Ideally, it's best not to lather his head, but if it must be done, hold his chin up and rinse the soapy water back toward his neck, rather than down over his face.

When bath time is over, towel dry your furry friend to keep him warm, especially in colder seasons. It's easy for him to get chilled when his skin and fur is wet, and he should never get to the point of trembling. With a little loving care, bath time won’t have to be a chore.

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