two men wearing earth day t-shirts cleaning up beach with trash bags in hand

Nature Gnaws Cleans Up Deerfield Beach in Honor of Earth Day

 employees Get Sandy for the Environment

Deerfield Beach, FL - South Florida based Natural Dog Chew company, Nature Gnaws, left their desks, their forklifts and packing tables early this week to head down to their local beach. 30+ employees dawned their Earth Day shirts, gloves, and trash bags to enjoy a beautiful, windy Florida afternoon picking up trash along the shore.  As a local family-owned business, the company places a large sense of community in its heart.

Steve Mamak, CEO of Nature Gnaws, forgot his sunscreen but didn’t let that ruin the sunny afternoon. When asked why he stopped the clock for Earth Day, he said, “We are heavily invested in supporting our community as much as possible. We’ve created jobs for over 60 employees who we consider family.  As we grow, it’s important to share our values of responsibility with each other and with our community. We make natural dog chews to create a natural option for dogs and their owners because we wanted that for our dogs. At the end of the day, we want our community and pets to enjoy the natural areas around us as well. Like this gorgeous beach!”

Meghan Logan, Customer Service Leader at Nature Gnaws, was asked how she felt about celebrating Earth Day. “There is a lot of trash to be picked up, so I am getting a work out! I have sand between my toes, and I’ve met a lot of nice people on the beach today who we’re happy to see the effort. It’s nice to be outside with the team and doing an activity that has a positive impact.”

The Nature Gnaws team felt that while there is still a lot of work to be done, the local beach goers were happy to see an initiative to clean up. The company encourages anyone interested in getting involved in events like this to sign up for the Nature Gnaws Newsletter on their website or simply reach out to

About Nature Gnaws

Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Nature Gnaws is a family run business, sourcing 100% Natural Dog Chews from farmers around the world so that all dogs can gnaw on the best. Nature Gnaws offers English classes to their employees among other benefits, like yoga, to enhance the lives of their team. The company donates chews regularly to rescue shelters in the area so that dogs waiting for a home can enjoy a natural chew. Parent Company, Torito Brands LLC was founded in 2016 by Steve Mamak and Jay Mokbel.  Visit Nature Gnaws to shop or learn more information on their 100% Natural Dog Chews.

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