Nature Gnaws Releases New Product in the Chew Market: Small and Large Variety Packs

Nature Gnaws Releases New Product in the Chew Market: Small and Large Variety Packs

Nature Gnaws, one of the fastest growing chew and treat companies in the United States released a new product unlike any other in the chew market, small and large variety packs. This product, available on Amazon, Chewy, and the Nature Gnaws website, www.naturegnaws.coms, gives consumers the opportunity to try different chews including bully sticks, tripe twists, jerky chews, tendons and more.  Consumers have an option to purchase a small variety pack for light chewers and a large variety pack intended for medium to heavier chewers.

All chews are 100% all-natural, cleaned with water and personally inspected by hand.  

The product is already garnering positive feedback from consumers.  “I loved the different sizes,” posted a 5-star Amazon review. “My dogs loved these chews. I will buy again.”

The concept of having a variety of chews in one bag is a new one in the market and Nature Gnaws is excited to give their consumers options.

“Pet owners new to the chew market should be able to test out which chews their dogs love. The small and large variety packs will allow them to do that,” said Steve Mamak, Co-founder of Nature Gnaws.

To Learn More About the Product and Where to Purchase:

Nature Gnaws Small Variety Pack

Nature Gnaws Large Variety Pack


About Nature Gnaws:

Nature Gnaws was founded on the idea that our pets deserve the best, and that we can be just as choosy with what our pets put into their bodies as what we put into ours. That's why we work so hard to provide the Best Dog Chews on the market.

We stand proudly by our name by providing all-natural chews with only the best ingredients for your canine companion to gnaw on. We strive to provide safe, healthy and nutritious treats that are also delicious in flavor and that serve as a great alternative to rawhide & chemically engineered dental chews. We have created a variety of chews that come in various textures, shapes and sizes so that dogs of all breeds can enjoy a healthy chew treat.


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