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How to Avoid Heat Stress for Your Dog This Summer

How to Avoid Heat Stress for Your Dog This Summer

How to Avoid Heat Stress for Your Dog This Summer

It’s summer and temperatures are rising once again. For dog owners, it’s vital to learn the basics about the risks of heat stress and the measures you can use to keep your pet safe on these hot summer days, as heatstroke can be life threatening.

Dogs can’t regulate their temperature by sweating. Instead, they rely mainly on panting and external cooling. Additionally, certain breeds including those with short snouts or flat faces and long hair are particularly susceptible to heat, along with the overweight, elderly, or those with health conditions.

So when the weather is hot, follow these tips to help your dog avoid heat stress:

· Keep walks on hot asphalt to a minimum. Your dog’s body can heat up quickly, and paw pads can easily burn.

· Make certain your pet always has freedom to access shaded areas when outside.

· Give your pooch a summer haircut, shaved down to a one inch length rather than to the skin, so there is still some protection from the sun.

· Ensuring your pet has fresh drinking water both inside and outside the house. Leave an extra bowl or two in a shaded area when you leave the house.

· Use only sunscreen or insect repellents labeled specifically for use on dogs.

· Never leave your pooch in a car, even with the windows open. In fact, this is illegal in several states as it can easily lead to fatal heat stroke.

· Avoid excessive exercise, or exercising during the hot parts of the day.

Be aware and look for symptoms of heat stress such as excessive panting or drooling, seizure or collapse, agitation, vomiting or diarrhea. If you believe your dog may be suffering from heat stress, immediately try to cool him with a cool water spray or by wrapping him in a wet towel, and then take him to a vet as quickly as possible.

Your dog gives you unconditional love, loyalty and friendship, so make sure you provide the love and safety from heat stress your pet deserves. At Nature Gnaws, we think nothing is too good for our dogs. That’s why our chews are made from 100% grass-fed, free-range, all-natural beef, completely free of hormone injections or genetic modification, and with no added flavors or preservatives. For more information about keeping your dog safe and healthy, please visit today.

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