Settling the Great Debate about Sleeping with Your Dog

Settling the Great Debate about Sleeping with Your Dog

More than 40 million American households have dogs, and recent research has disclosed that 13% of couples disagree about whether their dogs should share their bedrooms with them, citing fear of sleep disruption as the reason against it. Yet, 60% of all dog owners say they do allow it.

Fortunately, a new study indicates there are many great reasons to share your bedroom with your furry family members, although not your bed for the best night's rest. Interestingly, according to this study, it didn't matter to the dogs whether they actually slept on the bed or not.

Dog owners list many advantages to sleeping by their dogs including increased happiness, greater relaxation, less anxiety, comfort, and a sense of security. In fact, nearness to our pets triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin, which has been associated with our feelings of joy. Additionally, the rhythm of their breathing has the effect of relaxing, calming, and relieving stress. It's easier to sleep more soundly knowing that your dog will alert you if something's amiss. Our furry friends can help us feel safe and secure, free to fall deep into sleep, knowing he is there to protect us.

However, best of all, it's better for your pet too. He's comforted by sleeping close to the ones he loves most. Since many people spend long work days away from home, it's an awesome way to increase those emotional bonds and spend time together, helping him to feel loved and secure.

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