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Tendon Chews: What They Are and Their Benefits

GIVE YOUR DOG a beef tendon TO GNAW ON!

The Benefits of Giving Beef Tendons to Your Dog as a Chew

There are many items that can be used as a dog treat, although some are certainly much safer, healthier choices. 100% natural beef tendons are definitely one of those healthier choices. Tendons are flexible, tough and inelastic cords of fibrous tissues that attach muscles to bones. Easily digestible beef tendons are not only rich in collagen, but also glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and elastin.

These essential proteins provide elasticity and hydration to your dog’s skin and fur, help to keep his joints strong and flexible, and support strong bones. Additionally, lean protein aids in keeping muscles strong, weight gain down, and supports proper function of your pup’s whole body.

The long-lasting tough, fibrous texture of tendon chews also support great dental health. As your furry friend chews, the scraping action gently cleans teeth and gums. All dogs love to chew and tendons can provide your pup with maximum chewing satisfaction, while providing a safer choice than rawhide.

Rawhide chews can create unnecessary risks for both choking and intestinal blockages when small indigestible pieces become lodged. Additionally, as pets lick, chew and swallow the typically added chemicals and preservatives, they are exposed to these toxins, and some dogs are sensitive or allergic to the rawhide itself. 

100% Natural Beef Tendons

Nature Gnaws’ highly-digestible tendon chews are 100% all-natural beef. They are oven-baked without added hormones, preservatives or chemicals and are naturally high in protein.  Our tendon chews come in a variety of sizes to suite your dog’s size and chewing style. They are USDA certified and inspected to ensure quality methods and safety that are free from bacteria. We do not add any fillers and all our treats are completely grain-free. Additionally, each treat is hand-selected and inspected before being carefully packed in the USA in air-tight resealable zipper bags to ensure optimal freshness.  Pamper your pooch by giving him a safe and healthful Nature Gnaws Tendon Chew - because nothing is too good for our dogs.
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