Top Five Chews for Active Dogs

Top Five Chews for Active Dogs

Dogs have a lot of energy. After hours of fetch and long walks, your pup is still ready for more. So we compiled a list of the best chews for the dog that just won't sit still. These chews will last for hours and give you a much-needed break.  

Large Bully Sticks

The are our most popular products and there is a reason! They are the perfect size, texture and width to keep an active dog happy. Made with a single ingredient, these chews are the healthy alternative to raw hide. 

Combo Pack 

Not sure what chew to pick? Try our large bully stick and jerky combo pack, allowing your pup to get a variety of flavors, textures and tastes. In this 12 pack, you get our large bully sticks, large braided sticks and beef jerky.  

Elk Antlers

Our Elk Antlers are sourced from 100% USA naturally fallen antler shed in the Rocky Mountain Region. They are sorted & cut to size and then washed without using any harsh chemicals. The perfect texture to keep a dog chewing all day long. 

Pig Ears 

Our Pig Ears are made from 100% all-natural pork. They are Oven-Baked without added preservatives or chemicals and are naturally high in protein. They are the perfect tasty treat for the active pup in your life. 

Beef Rib Bones 

Our Beef Rib Bones come in a pack of six and are made from 100% all-natural, grass-fed, free-range cattle. They are Slow-Roasted without added hormones, preservatives or chemicals and are naturally high in protein, these beef bones serve as a healthy alternative to rawhide & manufactured chews. 

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