Top Five Dog Chews For Puppies

Top Five Dog Chews For Puppies

Puppies are always looking to chew something, whether it's his toys or your brand new pair of shoes! Chewing is one of the ways they explore the world. Therefore, at Nature Gnaws we encourage your pup to explore something that is all natural, safe and delicious! 

Small Bully Bites

Our Small Bully Bites are the perfect bully sticks for the little guy (or girl) who is looking to chew but in need of something smaller. At 2-3 inches, they are the perfect size for all puppies. Right now our 30 pack is are on sale for only $19.99. 

Extra Thin Bully Sticks
The width of our extra thin bully sticks will keep your pup chewing for quite some time, without the frustration of being too thick. These 5-6 inch chews are made of 100% all natural beef and cleaned with water. 
Junior Jerky Sticks 

Our 15 count Junior Jerky Sticks are another great selection for both small and medium breeds. At 5-6 inches, medium thickness and only $19.99, it will give your puppy a bite for their buck! 

Jerky Bites
Our Jerky Bites act more as a treat for our larger puppies and a longer chew for our tiny four legged friends. Made with a single ingredient, 100% all natural, grass fed beef gullet, they are high in protein and taste. Comes in a pack of 20. 
Tripe Twists
Our 4-5 inch Tripe Twists are another popular pick for our puppies. Made with 100% all natural beef, these beef chews are easily digestible and serve as a healthy alternative to rawhide & manufactured chews. 

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