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Why You Should Switch to Natural Chew Treats for Dogs

Natural Chew Treats Are Great for Your Dog! Here's why...

If you have a dog, you know they can chew almost anything. This behavior can get out of hand if not controlled. Providing chewing treats is a great way to encourage them without being destructive.

Unfortunately, some chews do more harm than good. This is why you should switch to natural chew treats for your furry friend.

But what is so great about them?

With so many fun activities to choose from, you might be wondering where to begin. Since the goal is to have a good time, consider actions both you and your dog might enjoy. Finances may also come into play. 

This article outlines the top 10 best things you can do with your dog this summer. Natural dog chews offer all the benefits of chewing without health complications. Unlike plastic and nylon chews, they are great for dental health. Other upsides are they are digestible, compliments the diet, and don't fatten your dog. Getting your dog a natural chew is best for everyone. It keeps them from chewing on your shoes, furniture, and other valuables. And at the same time, ensure they don't suffer any harm in the process.

Keep reading for more details on why switching to natural chews is the way to go.

1. They are Safe for Ingestion

Artificial chews are predominantly made from nylon. Other than chewing, they offer nothing else to the dog. The other issue is that the dog will likely break off some pieces.

While small pieces can be safely passed through the digestive system, large chunks can cause blockage. Since they are indigestible, the dog may need surgery to remove the pieces. With natural dog chews, you don't have to worry about your dog swallowing them. Natural chews consist of animal products such as meat. In case it's swallowed, the dog will digest it with ease.  The best natural dog treats come from meat or bone marrow. 

Unfortunately, not all natural chews are suitable for your dog. Chews or dog treats made from rawhide or antler may pose a choking or blockage hazard. Additionally, some animals are allergic to certain ingredients, such as beef.

Always check the ingredients to make sure it's safe for your dog. Besides, you can opt for chews made from other natural products that won't trigger allergies such as Salmon & Sweet Potato Chips for dogs.

2. Nutritious

Dog chews are never meant to replace your dog food. However, some dogs spend countless hours chewing on the same thing. Unfortunately, your dog won't get anything from it if it's made of plastic or nylon. So, why not make sure they get some form of nourishment in the process?

Since natural dog chews are edible, the dog gets something for their troubles. For instance, dog treats made of beef bones are rich in calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are crucial in your dog's bone development. Antlers from deer and elk are rich in minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for your dog. Alternatives made from beef are even better. As you know, meat is high-protein dog food.

Because they are edible, natural dog chew treats can act as a supplement to your dog's diet. If your dog is allergic to beef, you can always opt for one made from chicken or plants. Try Nature Gnaws 100% natural chews for dog treats for all dietary needs.

3. Improves Dental Health

Many people are guilty of neglecting their canine dental health. It is not surprising that 80% of dogs suffer from some form of periodontal disease. Fortunately, natural dog chews help keep dental problems at bay.

Most artificial chews contain some form of sweeteners to entice dogs to chew them. These flavors are detrimental to the dog's teeth. On the other hand, natural dog chew treats contain no such additives. They can complement the dog's dental regimen.

For instance, rawhide-free dog treats (like Himalayan Yak chews) are great for cleaning the dog's teeth without the harmful chemicals typical rawhide dog treats are made of. While the dog is busy chewing, it scrapes away any build-up tartar and plaque. They may even help them reach those hard-to-reach molars that standard cleaning doesn't reach. However, they should never replace brushing or dental cleaning.

4. Satisfy Natural Cravings 

Dogs chew purely out of instinct. It is an evolutionary trait that helps canines keep their teeth sharp and strong. Animal behaviorists also believe dogs chew to relieve anxiety and soothe teething pain. That is why they will turn to shoe or baseball gloves to satisfy these cravings. 

Natural dog chews come from bones, meat, or hide. This satisfies the primary reason dogs chew on objects. It mimics the same things wild canines chew on in the jungle. This allows the dog to channel the inner hunter in them safely. Cracking on bones and tearing off tendons is much more satisfying for the dog. Although it's not the same thing, natural dog chews come pretty close.

A plastic chew lacks this crucial element. It is more of a toy and doesn't satisfy their natural urges. On the other hand, most natural chews are edible. So the animal will feel a lot more comfortable. You will know you made the right choice if the dog spends so much time with the chew treat.

5. Encourage Healthy Behavior

Not every dog makes a great housemate. Fortunately, most dogs can adapt to a home environment through training. A large part of the training requires positive reinforcement. This is achievable through dog treats, food, and praise.  

Dogs respond to a reward and keep doing things that earn them treats. A natural chew treat is both a toy and food. This combination makes them an excellent motivator for dogs. Right off the bat, it gets your pet to stop chewing on stuff around the house. Additionally, you can train the dog to quit other unwanted behaviors.

For instance, natural dog chews are effective for obedience training. You can also use it to teach your pet new tricks. Every time they do it right, reward them with the chew. As a bonus, you don't have to worry about overdoing it and getting them fat. Nature Gnaws Variety Pack of beef chews for small dogs and Nature Gnaws Variety Pack of beef chews for large dogs are the perfect bag of gnaws to use as training rewards, stress relievers, mental stimulation or just nutritious treats.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now appreciate the benefits of switching to natural chew treats for your dog. They are a lot better and safer than plastic or nylon dog chews. The best part is they are readily available online from natural dog chew company websites like Nature Gnaws

Try reputable brands such as Nature Gnaws. In addition to natural chews, you will also get the best alternative rawhide-free dog treats. Just remember to factor in special needs such as allergies when shopping for dog treats.

 This article was made pawssible by Esther Rebecca.

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